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Tryon Hearing Center opened August 2008 to serve the hearing needs of Polk and upper Spartanburg county residents.  We work closely with medical and health professionals to diagnose hearing loss, correct hearing and improve communication. We provide top quality Audiology and hearing aid services to residents of Tryon, Landrum, Saluda and Columbus N.C. and beyond.

We know that persons with hearing loss have a lower quality of life with all of these symptoms: 

  • embarrassment, fatigue, irritability
  • tension/stress
  • avoidance of social activities
  • withdrawal from personal relationships
  • depression, negativism
  • danger to personal safety
  • rejection by others

Our aim is to work to find the problems and the solutions for each patient, and make hearing help available to all who need it.

Our goal is to restore the audibility of sounds, especially speech sounds.  We work with our patients to maximize their ability to understand speech in a variety of different listening situations.  We will provide patients with the very best personalized hearing care.  We want to improve communication and understanding among family, friends and coworkers with better hearing.

We are dedicated to serving everyone in an honest, caring and attentive manner.


  • ..are licensed non-medical allied health professionals with Master's or Doctoral degrees.
  • ..the professionals primarily responsible for the identification and non-surgical/medical rehabilitation of hearing loss.
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